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KUI has done more than refine an old tradition, we've started a new one. Our first set of unique products have been designed to beautifully treat natural hair with the aim of softening & growing your hair to give you that perfect finish.

We bring out the star in you! 

KUI, which means STAR in the Ijaw tribe of southern Nigeria, is a personal care brand focusing on making products that helps you realise your potential. We believe we are our KUI selves when we are our true selves. We believe Individuality is undeniably beautiful, and to be truly beautiful is to be completely in love with oneself. 

Our Vision

To change the fabric of our society, to make products that are inspirational, aspirational, trusted and valued. To focus on our results being above and beyond expectations while maintaining honesty and an openness of our limitations. To control the Integrity of our Identity while building on the ideals of self growth, love and appreciation. 

Our mission

  • Develop products that spread self-love
  • Encourage personal and societal development
  • Stick to the adage "Knowledge is Power"
  • Use business to inspire, create and educate 

Our Plan

From Africa to Beyond!


Let your hair pop, make your skin glow, be what you are really made of.

All our products are made and packaged in Nigeria as we aim to develop the African Economy by looking within.



Lead to

Our first range of products is The Tea Tree & Cinnamon collection featuring a Moisturising Shampoo, Moisturising Conditioner, Leave- In Conditioning Hair Mist and Moisturising Hair Cream. 

You might think It’s not easy being natural but we have chosen to give our worthy customers a re-birth! So why not take the plunge, awaken your senses with our delightful KUI scent throughout the day.  

We don’t just stop there, from your roots to your shoots our products will rejuvenate without stripping your hair. This helps to prevent breakage, dry strands and an itchy scalp, leaving you with a well nourished, soft and moisturised glow. 

The KUI Tea Tree & Cinnamon Collection has a complimentary blend of natural and well-refined ingredients to give a superior quality finish. As our customers are our top priority, our products are aimed to be completely affordable.

Our ingredients bring out the best as they are:

  • Gentle 

  • Effective 

  • Specifically designed for kinky and curly hair 

  • Utilising optimising ingredients

  • Affordable yet luxurious

Although KUI Products are designed for natural hair, all hair types can use our products and enjoy the benefit of healthy, happy hair!


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