How To Grow Soft, Long, Healthy Hair

So we’ve been getting a lot of questions lately on how to grow natural hair or what to do if one wants to be natural. After going through the countless blogs and hair regimes etc. for myself I have sussed out the fundamentals on what one should do

Afro Kinky hair needs Moisture Moisture Moisture. Never forget that, and you are home sailing sailor (there might be many a bad joke in this post… it’s that kind of day  )

1) No Heat! The moment I decided to go natural I learnt the beauty of air drying hair. Cleaning your hair with a T-shirt (better than towel so your hair strand is not mistakenly tangled or pulled out), platting it or twisting it then just leaving it to dry is much better and healthier for your hair. When damp,  moisturise your hair first with Kui Moisturising leave in Conditioning Mist, then an oil such as jojoba or coconut oil ( stay tuned for Kui’s miracle blend! coming soon), then a Kui Moisturising Hair Cream to lock the moisture in as much as possible. This is called the LOC method and helps retain moisture for a few days.

2) Never comb natural hair dry or wet. When it is dry it will snap and when it is wet, it is extremely fragile and it will also snap. Damp hair is best to manipulate your hair. Using your fingers on damp hair is the best way to detangle it, you can also use a tangle teezer which is designed to bend around a knot rather than break it. If you really want to use a comb, use a big comb so you are not pulling away hair too many strands of hair unnecessarily.

3) Protect the ends of your hair always. Black hair tends to reach shoulder length and then breaks of. This is as all the rubbing with your shirt dries the end of your hair and then it breaks off. The ends of the hair are also the most vulnerable as they are the oldest. Styles that keep the hair away from friction are the best. This also includes sleeping with a silk or satin scarf/pillow to prevent rubbing that can lead to more breakage.

4) Condition your hair regularly. This is the most important part of maintaining your hair. Your hair doesn’t always need to be Shampooed when washed but it always needs to be conditioned to ensure your hair is soft. You can dry hair out by over shampooing which removes the oils our scalp produces that naturally keeps our hair moisturised. Therefore if you just want a quick wash you can use just the Kui Moisturising Condiitoner to remove any loose dirt in the hair, while it locks in as much moisture as possible. Try to thoroughly cleanse your hair with a shampoo focusing on your scalp and not your hair once every 1-2 weeks as a guide. Use Kui Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner every 1-2 weeks but use the Kui Leave in Conditioning Mist and Kui Moisturising hair cream every 1-2 days using the LOC method.

5) Avoid tangling hair at all times. If your hair is already inches or more natural, you may begin to notice your hair tangles with itself a lot more. This will lead to breakage if your hair knots on itself as it you will have to cut the hair at that point. Ways to avoid tangling include

a. Washing your hair in sections. This means dividing your hair into four sections and washing each section at a time to avoid hair coming into contact with another section

b. Always twist or braid your hair when it is drying until it is dry. If it is wet it will tangle at any point in the strand but if it is platted or twisted then it will dry the way it has been platted. Therefore reducing the opportunity for a tangle to occur

c. Try to put your hair in styles that don’t require too much handling. The more you touch your hair the more it can break, tangle etc.

6) Avoid friction. The more your hair rubs against your pillow, or your shirt, the dryer it will become and it will eventually dry off and break. Always sleep with a silk or satin hair cap or scarf at night. For those that don’t like to look for a cap you can tie a scarf to your pillow or get a silk or satin pillowcase. And try to keep your hair in hair styles that it doesn't rub anything.

The key to long natural hair or retaining natural or relaxed hair is care. Even though good products like the Kui Tea Tree & Cinnamon Collection are important, what matters just as much if not more with hair retention is how we take care of our hair.