Why Is My Hair Not Growing !?

Long hair is retained hair!


SO your hair doesn’t grow… are you sure?


If you relax your hair it grows. You are relaxing re-growth (new hair). Therefore your hair grows an average of

1.5 inches every 3 months.

This means you should have 18 inches of hair in 3 years!

All relaxed hair long or short is chemically weakened or damaged by relaxer as the relaxer breaks down the hair structure to straighten it.

Relaxed hair can be further damaged, and natural hair can also be damaged by;

•Heat (Blow drying Tonging etc…)

•Friction ( Tight braids, rubbing pillow, rubbing your shirt )

•Not enough care ( Not moisturise, conditioning, or strengthening with protein treatments)

Not to mention normal hair shedding as we all loose up to 100 strands of hair per day naturally according to researh

I know, your probably thinking either “duh” this is not news or… what should I be doing with my hair now??

Never fear Kui is here!