How To Start Growing Natural Hair

There are different ways to be natural and thankfully, you don’t always need to chop your hair off….. immediately. The process of changing you hair from relaxed hair to natural hair is called transitioning.

Keep reading to decide which method works for you.

The “When The Time Is Right” Transitioner

The “When the time is right” Transitioner are those who choose to transition slowly and they simply stop relaxing and let your hair grow.

•The Pros

–No drastic change
–Time to learn more about your natural hair
–The relaxed hair weighs your natural hair down making it seem wavier ( this will shrink once your hair is cut, the length is still there but our hair is sooo springy and that’s just the way it is.


–Dealing with two texture hair. The place where the two strands meet called ‘ The line of demarcation” is the weakest point of your hair strand. Therefore it is likely your hair will break at this point frequently due to dealing with two different textures of hair on each hair strand.


–Protective style your hair: This means protect the ends of your hair as much as possible. This can be done with  braid outs and twist outs if the hair is short, buns ( as long as they are not too tight, if your hair is long
– Treat your hair like it is already natural therefore follow the practices.

I personally transitioned without cutting my hair for 8 months but some people have done so for more than two years. What matters is what works with your lifestyle and what you are willing to do. A stress free way of handling two textures while not cutting off your relaxed hair immediately, is to do weaves or braids. Just make sure you don’t keep these hair styles for longer than 4-6 weeks and deep condition your hair afterwards.

The “FIERCE” Transitioner

•Big chop: Cut it all off in one sweet sweep! This is called the “Big Chop” and is a bold and fierce way to get out with the old and in with the new.


–Out of the way and embrace the change

–No handling two textures

–Your beautiful face can make its long awaited debut 


–You may feel overwhelmed when all the hair is gone initially especially if you were not fully mentally ready fo your look without your relaxed hair.


–If you feel overwhelmed after the Big Chop, you can wear a wig for a couple of months until you few inches of hair, then braid or weave afterwards. More tips on healthy ways to do all three

–Perfect eyebrows (advised)

–Earrings (optional)

–Fierce eye shadow, pretty lipstick (optional and fun)

–BUT MOST OF ALL: SHEER CONFIDENCE!! (Required without a doubt)

Be sure to start your natural hair journey with the Kui Tea Tree & Cinnamon collection to keep your hair moisturised and healthy while it grows! Please let us know what you would like to learn about in the comments below. Till next time

Lots of Love

Majiri from Kui